Meet the Crew

Sound Adventure Charters is a local business that operates a charter boat in the beautiful Prince William Sound region of Alaska. Founded by a group of experienced mariners with a passion for the outdoors, the company offers a variety of services including sightseeing tours,  and custom charters. The company's boat is well-maintained and equipped with modern safety features, and their experienced captain and crew are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all of their clients. In addition to their charter services, Sound Adventure Charters is also committed to preserving the natural beauty of the region, and they work closely with various conservation organizations to protect the local ecosystem. 

Captain Ginger 

Ginger grew up in Nashville, TN. She moved up to Alaska for a summer job in 2010 and never looked back. Since then she has fully emersed herself in the Alaska lifestyle, both working and playing in the rich environment this state has to offer. She has spent many winters in Girdwood working and playing at the ski resort. In the summer months, she has spent seasons working as a river guide, commercial fishing, and guiding hiking tours. It was during her time working on fishing boats, that Ginger discovered and developed a love of the Prince William Sound and gained experience about living on and operating boats. Her guiding experience has taught her the value and joy of sharing this special place with visitors and friends. She now resides in Anchorage with her husband, Jake and young daughter.


Meet Jake, a fun-loving and safety-conscious outdoor guide with a passion for renewable resources. Jake was born and raised in the beautiful state of Utah, where he developed a love for the outdoors at a young age. He spent much of his childhood exploring the vast wilderness that surrounded his home, and he knew from an early age that he wanted to make a career out of sharing his love for nature with others.

After completing a guide training program at a local college, Jake began leading tours for a popular adventure company in Utah. He quickly gained a reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable guide, and he loved nothing more than sharing his love for the outdoors with his clients.

Despite his love for Utah, Jake always felt drawn to the untamed wilderness of Alaska, and he eventually made the decision to relocate to the Last Frontier. He now leads tours in some of the most beautiful and remote locations in Alaska, where he helps clients experience the thrill of hiking through glaciers, spotting wildlife, and camping under the Northern Lights.

In addition to his work as a guide, Jake is also deeply committed to renewable resources and sustainability. He has worked on various renewable energy projects throughout his career, and he is always looking for ways to incorporate sustainable practices into his tours.

Safety is always Jake's top priority, and he takes great care to ensure that every trip he leads is as safe as possible. He is trained in cpr and carries a comprehensive first aid kit on every trip.

When he's not leading tours or working on renewable energy projects, Jake can be found exploring the mountains on foot or by ski, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. He is also an avid supporter of various conservation and outdoor education organizations, and he loves nothing more than sharing his love for nature with others.

Billie Mitchell 

Billie is a 3 year old husky that loves to play. One of her favorite pastimes is exploring the beautiful beaches of Alaska, where she loves to chase after seagulls and dig in the sand. Sometimes, she is available to entertain trips. If you prefer not to have a fury friend along, no problem! We will always double check with you to be sure.